2015 Pricing and Demo link

Starting in March 2015 our current year pricing will be
Setup $2,000
Monthly for IDX and VOW $200

This includes a complete turn key site including custom configuration and our advanced SEO.

For more information on the SEO capabilities of our system please follow this link to our posts tagged SEO.

To see a LIVE DEMO visit UnitedRealty.net, or visit CharlotteNC.net

Both of the sites below are new and neither had existing traffic before implementing the LeadIDX system.
sites were launched on a tight budget, the lack of refined content is
proof of this, however both sites are generating traffic, leads, and
repeat visits.

United Realty has over 30,000 pages indexed in
Google. In their area, there are only 3,000 properties on the market.
This is a factor of 10 to 1 and very good.
Click here to see how many pages indexed in google