IDX Website rankings are affected by page load speed

Does your IDX Website rank high in Google? View this article on an official Google blog titled “Using Site Speed in Web Search Ranking”. Google clearly states, along with the reasoning, that page load speed is a factor in rankings. Now consider your IDX website, does it load fast? If you think it does, how

LeadIDX designs new Real Estate website for Century 21 Broker

LeadIDX, Inc. has designed a new website for Century 21 Real Estate broker in the Midwest.  The new website incorporates the latest Century 21 branding rolled out during Fall 2011; and brings together world class site design and the LeadIDX VOW/IDX Website RankMe™ system.   LeadIDX’s RankMe™ is industry leading IDX VOW software.  It propels websites

IDX SEO Module achieves Results

Does your IDX website generate new opportunities? Review the graph below. The SEO IDX module installed on this website has achieved undeniable results. This is key for this broker because these are new opportunities; consumers who are seeking a home for sale and not seeking out a specific realtor or broker. Ranking #1 for terms

LeadIDX takes serving up MLS data to a whole new level. Software that is changing the industry

LeadIDX takes serving up MLS data to a whole new level. Unlike current solutions on the market, LeadIDX is a hybrid of an off-the-shelf solution and a full-blown custom (expensive) solution. LeadIDX is an affordable and effective customizable IDX solution for Brokers/Realtors. LeadIDX can take your Real Estate business to a whole new level, and place your business