Democracy, Data, and IDX Websites

What do these three things have in common?

Every website is a democracy and every click is a vote. Do you, or your current provider, track these votes? Do you analyze them? Do you follow the polls? Do you listen to the populous? Terms like pageviews, bounce rate, average time on site, visits, and new visits should be in your vocabulary as you review your systems.

Good IDX Websites CAN BE very sticky. Sticky means users stay on the site and come back. Review the graphs and data below from one of our clients, these numbers exceed expectations of websites and even of “typical” IDX websites. SEO is a big factor in this as is powerful search, honest results, speed/performance and usability.

On an average website bounce rate is above 80%, Average Time on Site is 2 – 3 minutes, Pages per Visit is typically 2 – 4. As you can see a GOOD IDX WEBSITE breaks the ceiling of these numbers and turns your website into a Real Estate community where consumers can research and contact you when they are ready.