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LeadIDX Pricing

Our normal pricing is $2,000 setup and $200 per month which includes
all features. As always we have no

LeadIDX pricing is based on an initial setup fee and a monthly subscription.

Solutions include IDX and VOW (Virtual Office Website, sold data) are
fully SEO capable, include a CMS (Content Management System) and are the
preferred solution.

We have solutions for as little as $50 per month for an individual Realtor that will display the Realtor’s listings on their website.

We also have IDX and VOW frameable solutions starting at $75 per
month. These solutions can be incorporated into WordPress and other
popular systems easily. Our frameable solutions can also be integrated
into any website or system that allows you to enter HTML code yourself
or through your website administrator. This solution does support VOW
(Virtual Office Website) which enables your users to view sold property

We have template designs, or can use your existing design, or can
create a design for you, or can assist you in choosing a template design.

Many things to consider when launching a new IDX Website

  • Your (The Broker’s/Agent’s) specific Goals and Needs

    • How many agents do you have?
    • Do you require a broker administrated admin system for your agents?
    • Do you require a full CMS (Content Management System) so that your
      brokerage can manage, add, and remove website content directly?
    • When considering the MLS data; will your brokerage need to greatly
      slice/dice it. Example: The Central Florida MLS converts all of Central
      Florida from the Atlantic to the Gulf, but there are brokers in that
      area that do not want to display all of that data on their website, they
      want hardcoded filters that reduce the website options forcing users to
      only be able to search within a given city such as Orlando while not
      allowing users to search or see anything outside of Orlando.
    • SEO: Our system was built with SEO capabilities from the beginning
      over eight years ago. However, your current website, the current SEO
      value of it, and your specific SEO needs are all factors when providing a
      custom quote to you. SEO is much like playing “king of the hill”,
      therefore the efforts of your competitors (both local and national) can
      also be factors in achieving the SEO goals.
  • Specifics of the system used by your Board

    • Some major cities are not using RETS servers but instead still use
      antiquated FTP based systems. We can implement our system with these older FTP systems!
  • Market Size and MLS

    • We charge more for a larger market than a small market. However we
      have clients in very large markets that only display a smaller subset of
      the market data and therefor do not incur higher fees. Do understand
      that by large we mean “large” such as Houston. When factoring historical
      sold data the Houston MLS has hundreds of thousands of records that
      only the largest brokerage covering the entire city would want to
    • Larger markets require more data storage for MLS property data and photos
    • Larger markets typically result in more traffic and bandwidth usage as the sites incur much more traffic
  • Additional website needs

    • The LeadIDX system is unique in the market because we are not a
      framed solution but we are also not the equivalent of your brokerage
      paying a development company a one time fee to create IDX software that
      your brokerage then owns and must maintain going forward. We sit in the
      MIDDLE of these two typical solutions. We already have the software and
      we simple configure and customize it using our building blocks to meet
      your specific needs.

Do you also need additional customized options such as:

  • Website Design: Do you need a new design? Do you want to use one of
    our templates? Do you have an existing design? Do you have an existing
    designer tbat knows your brokerage and has done work for you in the past
    that you want us to work with? We are flexible
  • Testimonials: Do you have some that you wish to display? Do you
    desire to use your website as a capturing tool to gather them? Do you
    wish to use your website to promote users to talk about your brokerage
    on sources like yelp, google+, and other social media platforms?
  • Most all brokers need Realtor bio administration but do you also
    need full staff administration which includes non-Realtor employees at
    your office(s)?
  • Social integration? Example: when your brokerage list a new property
    would you like our system to automatically publish the property
    information to your Facebook page? Blog site? Or would you like this to
    be so granular that it even publishes the info to your Realtor’s
    individual Facebook pages?
  • Open Houses: We have yet to see any two brokerages deal with Open
    Houses in exactly the same way, our system allows full flexibility in
    this regard. We have a built in Open House you and your staff can use or
    we can tie into Open Houses managed from within the MLS system.
  • GEO Coding: Over time we have noticed that some MLS’s are opting out
    of paying for Geo Coding as part of their RETS System (Sandicor – San Diego is an example). Our system has a
    built in Geo Coding system which we can leverage as either a backup to
    the MLS system or as a primary and sole source of Geo Coding.
  • SEO: SEO and Web Marketing in general is rarely mentioned by IDX/VOW
    vendors (our competitors), however this is an important aspect of any
    website. Our company has vast experience in this regard and can ensure a
    good ROI on your investment.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): CRM in simple terms means
    managing the relationship between your brokerage and the consumer. We
    have yet to see two brokers handle this in the same way. Sometimes our
    system simply puts the website leads into a corp system such as exist
    with Century 21 but we can also track the lead locally which includes
    closing the loop (closing the loop means tracking the lead to conclusion
    of sale, non-sale, etc.). CRM offers a lot of opportunity to learn via
    the data tracking.
  • Our system has grown with each and every customer. Every customer
    has specific needs we meet and then going forward these new features
    become part of our system.

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