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You can view a Demo system at the link below, In April 2016 we are working on new templates, we will have several you can choose from and they can all be modified by you, your web person, or we can modify them to your liking.

Below are the high level features of our IDX Website solution (LeadIDX), incorporated into are the VOW features.

  • Full IDX functionality including all fields available from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  • Supports RETS, FTP, and other IDX connectivity
  • LeadIDX pulls all data from the MLS system on a regular schedule, hence LeadIDX does not do searches in real time against the RETS server.
    • BENEFIT:  Our method offers superior performance, flexibility, property search options, and Search Engine Optimization.
  • LeadIDX pulls all images from the MLS system on a regular schedule
    • BENEFIT:  Removes reliance on the MLS system and offers greater flexibiliy.
  • Built from the ground up with a full SEO toolset and features.
  • SEO: Our system shines when it comes to non-tradename (NTN) traffic. Tradename traffic is the name of your company, your realtors, etc. NTN traffic is searches such as “homes for sale in CITY STATE” or “homes for sale AAA schools“.
  • LeadIDX is the fastest IDX system on the market.
  • Radius searching and other custom searches (combination fields, field parsing) that are not available when searching real-time directly against the RETS server
  • Details of every search, every click, every view are stored in our proprietary database where we analyze the data for each market to learn more about your local consumer behavior.
    • BENEFIT:  Data provides insight to your consumer preferences; data combined to learn about overall consumer behavior on IDX websites (including VOW)
  • Unique and cutting edge designs. LeadIDX does not offer iframe solutions and cookie cutter solutions. If you want a full website; we are your company. If you want what everyone else has you will need to buy it from the same companies everyone else does.
  • Across the board protection of your company name and names of your realtors in the search engines. We will make sure that when someone is looking for you or your realtors they land on your website, not the website of a lead aggregator
  • Flexibilty: By downloading and owning (owning in terms of having a local copy) of the data our system can do many things (zipcode radius searching is one example) that other systems simply cannot do. Another example is Intelligent Paging and Sorting
  • Many other IDX systems will show some or all properties as “unmappable”. Our system can map properties even when they do not have latitude/longitude values in the MLS record.
  • Stateless: Ever do a search in a system (IDX or otherwise) and walk away from your search due to a phone call and return to find your search timed out or reset?
    • BENEFIT:  Our system is stateless, you can walk away for a month and click next from page one to page two and our system never times out or resets
  • Mobile friendly: Our system has mobile support and a unique mobile layout, however even our full system WORKS on a mobile device and has from day one (over 3 years ago when the system was initially launched)
  • Proven: LeadIDX is a seven year old proven system
  • LeadIDX matches the market: No two brokers are the same, no two implementations of our software are the same.
  • Owing the data: By owning a local copy of the data AND offering complete customization of your implementation of our system we can (and have) do many other things…
    • BENEFITS:  such as populating blogs, facebook, twitter of new properties your brokerage has on the market.
  • FULL CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionality: Our system tracks every lead from beginning to end. Although your brokerage does not HAVE to use this functionality it is there and recommended. Each realtor has a login and can close the loop on all leads which allows us (together) to learn more about your consumers and even your
  • Listing Reports: When your brokerage list a property we track every view and inquiry into that property on your website, this is powerful marketing information for your seller. We can support you with screenshots, data and addtional information for your listing presentations.
  • Open Houses: Our system can pull Open Houses from the MLS data (if your brokerage uses it) or the system has built in Open Houses functionality
  • CMS (Content Management System); Our system can allow your brokerage to enter and manage static content on the site including images and other media such as video.
    • BENEFIT:  reduced cost of maintaining your website content; faster content changes
  • Stickiness: What does it mean for a website to be Sticky? It simply means the IDX website keeps people on the site and brings them back.
    • BENEFIT:  Our system sees average page views per visitor in the 10 – 20+ range, average time on site 8 – 16+ minutes, and 60+% of visitors return to the site. The bounce rate (users who come and quickly leave) hovers in the low 30% range, typical websites have a bounce rate in the 80 – 90+% range.
  • In addition to our proprietary internal tracking, we use Google Analytics (GA) and all of the features of GA including setting up Goals. Your brokerage can access this data and see the data generated by the evolution of your IDX website.

A VOW allows a broker to do two very important things on their IDX website:

1. Display listings that are set to NOT display on the Internet. Every MLS that abides by NAR (National Association of Realtors) has a field such as “PublishToInternet”.  If the listing realtor chooses to not allow the property to display on the Internet then it CANNOT be displayed on IDX websites. However, with a VOW (Virtual Office Website)
it can be displayed within the rules of NAR, state law, and MLS rules.

2. Display sold property data. This is a powerful research tool for consumers. Consumers do not run their own comps but we all know many of them like to view this data, drill into it, to satisfy their curiousity.


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