IDX Website rankings are affected by page load speed

Does your IDX Website rank high in Google?

View this article on an official Google blog titled “Using Site Speed in Web Search Ranking”.

Google clearly states, along with the reasoning, that page load speed is a factor in rankings.

Now consider your IDX website, does it load fast? If you think it does, how do you know?

The LeadIDX system loads very fast, we track every load and monitor it. It is measured not in seconds but in MILLISECONDS. On average the page is generated and sent to the browers in 15 milliseconds and displayed in the browser in less than one second.

We do very specific things to make this possible. These methods are not only unique to the IDX Website market but also rarely done on any website. If you do not have an IDX Website then contact us today, if you do then contact us today but also ask your current provider questions regarding their strategy in this area.