IDX Websites – Who are you competing with?

The answer “my local competitors” to this question is only part of the story.

When it comes to IDX Websites and search engine rankings, you are competiting with atleast two handfuls of national companies.

Review the image below, a Blue dot indicates national company. The Green dot is our client, the Red dot is their largest local competitor.

“homes for sale fort wayne indiana” is a very competitve term.,,,, all invest time, effort, and other resources to ensuring you do not rank above them. Yes would rather a consumer come to their site so they can capture the lead and sell it to you. Make no mistake about this…it is business.

The website below has ranked for these terms for over 3 years and we know there is real revenue behind these terms, very real. The strategy is not to focus on just one term but all terms, every city in your MLS or brokerage service area. It is important to compete and win with these national companies. Your local name and a sticky IDX website will bring you more leads for these terms than your competitors (national and local).