Intelligent Paging and Sorting through IDX listings

Does your current IDX system allow users to intelligently and efficiently search and page through records?

Most IDX search systems either go overboard restricting search and limiting results or they flood the user with hundreds of results without also providing the tools so the user can intelligently and efficiently page through those results. LeadIDX solves this problem.

1. Users can get as many results as is provided by their search options.

2. Users are provided with a host of built in tools to filter and page through those records.


Example #1:

When a user chooses the maximum of 200 records per page (as set by the local MLS) they are presented with various sort and paging options. The search below uses “listing price” as the sort option. Almost 4,000 results were provided based on the search. At 200 records per page the user can see the value for Listing Price on each page when they choose to paginate through the records. This allows the user to jump (pagination options are often referred to as jump menus) to records based on the value of the sort option, which in this case is Listing Price.


Example #2:

The search below shows the same number of records as the search above (it is the same search) but the sort field has been changed to Listing Date, notice how the IDX system now displays the value of the Listing Date for each page in the records.


The sorting options can be customized by market or by each broker within a market.