LeadIDX IDX/VOW websites are sticky!

What does Sticky mean? Simply it means that users stick to the site or stay on the site for a long time and return to the site, both VERY good results.

In the image below we are showing the traffic from a LeadIDX customer going back many months. We do this to show these numbers are not a fluke. On average visitors stay on the site for almost 30 minutes (26 minutes 58 seconds on average). They view over 8 pages on average. Our results pages can contain 200 properties and unlike many other systems our results pages actually include the description/remarks and other important fields which means the user can determine from the results alone if they are interested in the property.

The average bounce rate is a very, very very, low 33.14%. THis means that only 33% of the users view one page and leave, typically bounce rates are in the 80 – 90% range for most sites.

The 55.59% of new sessions means that 44.1% of the users are RETURN visitors, this is extremely imporant. A good IDX Website or VOW Website will not only keep users on the site but keep them returning. In today’s real estate market users often search anonymously but when they find the home of their dreams they want to spring into action immediately and contact a Realtor. If they keep searching on your website then they are much more likely to choose you or one of your Realtors.