Our open discussion with George @ http://agentredefined.com

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We loved this article and that George published our comments and engaged in a discussion. Most of the IDX systems on the market lead to zero results and we saw this as an opportunity to show how our system is different.

In his initial response on November 5th George said:

I agree with your that the indexing of a website with listings data
can help tremendously with SEO. But when you are competing with Zillow
on the search terms “Homes for Sale in ________” or “Houses for Sale in
___________” is going to be extremely difficult to get on page 1 of a
Google/Bing search.

I have tried to compete with Zillow/Trulia on this before with my own
brokerages website when I still owned one and in a middle to large
sized market it’s going to be tough to compete with them on that level.

If you have results to share on successes we would love to hear about them.

There are many examples of where we do outrank the national sites.

Here is one: