Speed and performance matters for SEO

In this post we examine MLS 201653083

We like to use webpagetest.org as it is the de facto standard for website testing. For many developers and administrators it can give valuable insight.

Our client is UnitedRealty.net. #1 for this MLS number, which we see a lot for MLS numbers, addresses, Subdivisions, etc.

By the way, the third listing in the google results below is our clients youtube video, generated by our system automatically. This is a new feature we are launching.

Back to webpagetest.org,..

Here are our test results. The B for Cache Static Content is a B because with Google maps and other content coming from third party sources we cannot control their caching.

Here we have Zillow (same property). Notice the F for Cache Static Content. F’s are never good on this tool.

Here we have Realtor.com. Two F’s. Repeat 3rd grade please.

Here we have Trulia. Better than two F’s, by a little.

IDX Broker. Didn’t we say F”s are bad? And they are not using a CDN (Content Delivery Network).




Now scroll back to the top of this post and notice who ranks #1 for the MLS number. yes our client running our system. Coincidence? No it isn’t. Google factors speed and other related factors into rankings. Several years ago in this blog post we discussed this and linked to the google article on the subject. Today, years later, it is even more important. Our clients get traffic, our clients get leads, our clients get phone calls, our websites generate Leads and this is one of the many reasons this has been true since 2007.