Top Ten Things to Consider for IDX and VOW

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Top Ten things to consider when it comes to IDX and VOW

The LeadIDX team has been in the IDX/VOW world for 7 years. In that time we have learned a lot, taught a lot, and kept a lot of secrets when we learn things. Without giving away the key to the kingdom below we share some high level areas of consideration. This list will grow over time.

  1. Do you have the best IDX system in your market? Do you know how to qualify what the “best” is? Do you know how a good IDX system can actually bring new clients to you? Fresh from google to your website to your phone or email, just that simple! We do not mean people that are searching for your company name or the names of your realtors, we mean consumers that do not know you but turn to google looking for a home, a lot, a condo, a farm, a commercial property and they find your website. The love the search, the functionality, they stay and search, they return often, and when they are ready to act they CHOOSE your brokerage because of the technology. This is the story of our clients.


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