We love Google, Google loves US!

MLS: 3155612 located at 6429 Farmingdale Dr, Charlotte NC 28212 came on the market at 11:22 am on March 12th 2016. Just 15 minutes ago as this post is typed.

CharlotteNC.net ranks #1 for the MLS number in Google and Page 1 for the address. The site is the only local website on Page 1.

Here is the address listing:

Why is this important?

When a property comes on the market, people start searching for it. Sometimes they know the MLS number, sometimes they know the address. Sometimes their friend told them about it, sometimes they drove by it, sometimes they saw something else online about, always they are looking for more information.

Below is an excerpt from the CharltoteNC.net Google Analytics reporting. Notice how there are several clicks for each property. However, google only reports the keyterm for about 20% of the traffic, therefore for every 6 clicks you see there are probably 24 other clicks.

For a market like Charlotte NC where there are 11k properties on the market at any given time, this is a lot of quality targeted traffic coming to your site!

This is just one of the many, MANY, ways we grow your site traffic with targeted quality traffic.

We launched CharlotteNC.net July 1st 2015. The site had little traffic when we took it over. Below is a graph of just the ORGANIC SEARCH traffic we have grown on the website.

The site gets hundreds of visitors a day, Once you contact us, we would be happy to share the actual numbers with you.(note the dip in traffic over Christmas, this is normal)