What is a VOW – Virtual Office Website?

Every week we get asked this question by Real Estate Brokers

Here is the simple explanation:

A VOW allows a broker to do two important things on their IDX website.

1. Display listings that are set to NOT display on the Internet. Every MLS that abides by NAR (National Association of Realtors) has a field such as “PublishToInternet”. If the listing realtor chooses to not allow the property to display on the Internet then it CANNOT be displayed on IDX websites. However, with a VOW (Virtual Office Website) it can be displayed within the rules of NAR, state law, and MLS rules.

2. Display sold property data. This is a powerful research tool for consumers. Consumers do not run their own comps but we all know many of them like to view this data, drill into it, to satisfy their curiousity.

This post does not dive into the requirements for implementing a VOW however here are links to additional information:


NAR VOW Policy